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Shireen Chada  was born in India and educated in both India and the United States. After finishing her graduate work in Civil Engineering, her search began when she became keenly aware of the profound sorrow in the world. This search led her to the Brahma Kumaris. Shireen is a Brahma Kumaris meditation instructor since 1995 and contributes to both audio (as podcasts) and video for Release Your Wings show. Shireen presents Intelligent, refreshingly creative and unmistakably authentic wisdom to bring peaceful solutions to everyday problems on both the shows. She was a research faculty in the College of Engineering at University of South Florida until 2008. Shireen is also on the organizing committee of Images and Voices of Hope, an international conversation about the impact of images and stories on people, communities, and the world. She leads an intentional life with lightness and is anchored by the tenet: I am a trustee and a humble instrument for God.


Dr. Dan S. Bagley III enjoys life as an educator and entrepreneur. He is president of Bagley and Associates, a company dedicated to improving the performance of sales, marketing and managerial people through personal business coaching, consulting and seminars. He is associate professor emeritus from the University of South Florida in Tampa, having taught there for thirty-one years. With a background in sales, motivation and incentives, he is a long-time writer/consultant to the promotional products industry and has produced more than twenty books and monographs for that industry. In 2007 he was the 64th person to be inducted into the Promotional Products Hall of Fame, the highest honor in that $18 billion industry. Dan’s academic background includes a B.S. in Advertising from Florida State University, an M.B.A. from the University of Hawaii (earned in night school while serving as an Army Medical Service Corps officer in Japan), and a Ph.D. in Communications from The University of Tennessee.


Helen Hall: “KaranKaravanhaar” is a word that is used frequently in the Brahma Kumaris. “It means the one that makes me do and the one that does. This has been my experience with the Release Your Wings TV Show. I had no prior experience with producing a tv show, but with Divine help and the right people at the right time in the right circumstances, we were able to make this show possible. So “here we are”. We have been given this wonderful multimedia opportunity to share with everyone our own experiences on this path of spirituality but also provide viewers with the tools to cultivate and sustain a spiritual life. I hope that you take as much benefit from these programs as I have in making them available. I look forward to your feedback and ideas on how we can address both the current and personal issues of our communities. So: “Release Your Wings and Fly”.


Bebe Butler has practiced the art of raja yoga meditation for 15 years and has facilitated workshops on spiritual/personal development for the past 13 years. During the day, she works as a mask maker/performer/scriptwriter/designer with Creative Arts Theater of the City of Tampa. This past year, Bebe worked as one of the coordinators for “Spotlight Values”, an international project dedicated to the United Nations Year of the Youth. The project invited youth and young adults ages 13-35 to explore values through rich conversation and creative expression. She created meditations around values for a SV radio show that the Brahma Kumaris hosted in New York City and will soon be releasing those meditations on a cd called, “Unleash your Light: Reflections on Values.

As part of the Release Your Wings media team, Bebe blends her love of spirituality with creativity to craft and record soothing meditations for the “Peaceful Reflections” segment. More than a teacher, she considers herself a perpetual student of life and shares some of the discoveries and insights she picks up along the way in her reflections as well as in some of the “Release Your Wingsaudio podcasts.



Cooking Resources


Tara Patel journeyed from India to the USA in late 1970. Decades later, she stepped through the doors of the Brahma Kumaris meditation center in Tampa, Florida, and it was love at first sight. She retired from her career as a business woman and banker early and began to enjoy the spirituality, knowledge, simplicity and loving connection offered through raja yoga meditation found through meditation. It was around this time that her hidden talent of cooking emerged. Though she once dined out almost every night, she discovered that cooking, when done in silence and meditation, became a way to connect with her true self and with God. It became an act of joy and Tara soon became one of the regular vegetarian chefs at the Tampa meditation center. She is featured in several of our “Deliciously Divine” kitchen segments, and loves to prepare food of many ethnic varieties.

Outside the kitchen, Tara enthusiastically hosted “Eternal Wisdom” on 1520am WXYB for almost three years. This radio show featured interviews, lectures, music ,thoughts for the day and many pearls of wisdom.


Maureen Sharma loves to cook and believes the best recipes are those that are simple & easy to make. Her philosophy is that when food is prepared with mindfulness & presented beautifully with love & care, it becomes nutritious for both the body & the soul.
Maureen spends many happy hours in the kitchen exploring new recipes with her grandchildren and loved ones and is one of the star cooks at our local meditation center in Tampa.

If you have any questions in reference to Maureen’s recipes, feel free to contact us.Until then,”Happy Cooking!



Contributing Artists


Carlos La Bandera was born in Mexico City. He began playing piano at 6 and guitar at 12. Since he was young, he knew that music must have a deeper aim than pleasure.

In his early twenties, he began to dedicate himself fully to music, studying in different music academies and conservatories of Italy. He also studied with the well known Flamenco guitar players Manolo Sanlucar. When traveling through Iceland, he got to know the Raja Yoga meditation technique of the Brahma Kumaris. He was overwhelmed by the deep experiences of silence that came with such an easy practice. Raja Yoga opened the gates to what he calls the “True Music”: the music that can bring change to the self, the music that lives in the silence within. Carlos has recently been providing original music for the “Release Your Wings” meditation segments, empowering his research of spirituality and silence through music.


Alexandre was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His favorite hobby is to create paintings that depict the Divine. With the help of technology, he creates animated paintings that serve as visual meditations. When combined with commentaries, these help people enter a spiritual state easily. He feels the gift of painting was given by God and that it doesn´t belong to him but to the whole world. In his view, painting is magical because it communicates on the level of vibrations. Therefore, his effort is not only to improve his technique, but to increase the level of vibrations held in the combination of colors so they reflect the Divine as accurately as possible.You can view his beautiful visual paintings in several of the Release Your Wings meditations.

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  • Dear Release Your Wings Team,

    I just want to express my gratitude from the heart for all your videos and meditations. They have been and continue to be a great support for me and my wife as she dealt with the challenge of cancer. I was a BK for 11 years from 1991 but kind of veered off on a more lokik path. Now, in the last 12 months, I am reconnecting with Baba’s love and wisdom via the 1000s of videos put out by BKs – which just didn’t exist in the 1990s. My wife in particular, having first been a ”devotee” of Abraham Hicks now finds the RYW interviews and meditations so helpful in her journey of spiritual awakening. Thank you again Shireen, Dan, Helen, Bebe et al. Long may you continue this wonderful service!
    Namaste & Om Shanti

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