Media Mission


The mission of the “Release Your Wings” media team is to provide spiritual programming that can illuminate your cyber doorstep with inspiration and wisdom. We provide spiritual content that is:

1) Educational:
Our hope is to provide you with tips to soar in the classroom of life by offering peaceful solutions to everyday problems. Universal truths become practical as we explore how to apply them easily. You’ll discover that with application, spiritual knowledge transforms from mere philosophy into an inner navigation system that guides your life.

2) Experiential:
In a world where we are bombarded with external stimulation and information, we would like to take you to a deeper place where you can disentangle from the outside world and experience the rich goodness and peace of your inner landscape.

3) Nourishing:
Just like the body needs to be fed several times a day to keep going, the soul also needs to be nourished with the food of pure thoughts and spiritual exercise every day. We have designed our content so that there is enough variety and newness to keep your soul healthy and strong. Our cooking shows will also make sure that your physical body remains healthy and happy!

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