Safety Amidst the Turbulence

This week’s topic is about feeling safe in turbulent times. The safety we’re exploring is the spiritual kind. On one level, it’s a feeling that comes when we experience our eternity, when we realize there truly are no endings…no endings to love, to life, to prosperity, etc…  But I have also noticed that when I pay attention to radiating the virtues of the soul as much as possible into the world and when I make a daily effort to connect with the Divine and to give to others, I begin to feel a natural sense of protection. I start to feel guided in even the smallest ways.  This doesn’t mean challenges won’t come. It just means there is a sense of safety because I have access to support and clarity.

What does this topic mean to you?  Check out this week’s interview with Dan and Shireen as we explore how to feel safe in a turbulent world.  Then head on over to this week’s meditation to move into the safe sanctuary of the soul.