Release Your Kindness

This week we’re exploring kindness.  I met a Buddhist monk once who said that we are here because of the kindness of others. If you give some thought to that, you’ll see it’s true.  It’s a building block for a beautiful world yet the quality itself is underrated and often seen as a weakness. Why is that?

When we express kindness, we begin to see the power it has to expand our heart and empower those around us.  Many feel we’re in the process of shifting from a world that’s in love with power to a world whose power is love.

We invite you to shift into the power of love by exploring the quality for yourself.  This week’s interview  with Dan and Veronica will inspire you to emerge the quality and this week’s meditation will carry you into the experience of kindess. And if you would like to do something kind for your tastebuds,  check out this week’s cooking show and learn the art of veggie roll ups!