To contact us about any of the below contributions, please click here.


We are looking for simple, heartfelt, relaxing meditation music. If you are a musician or have any copyright free music you would like to contribute, we would greatly appreciate it and will pay tribute by listing your name on the credits.

Music can be sent via DropBox


If you have any photos or videos that would lend themselves to the Release Your Wings Productions, please send them our way. We are always on the look out for meditative/spiritual imagery.

Images can be sent via our DropBox.

Financial contributions

Like all Brahma Kumaris services, we are funded purely by donations and offer all of our programming free of charge to the public. If you have been inspired by the Release Your Wings Programs and would like to contribute financially, please click here.


If have any suggestions on how to promote Release Your Wings , if you would like to have us on your show or air any of the Release Your Wings productions in your area, please email us.

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