Category: Meditations

Spiritual Health

This meditation nurtures spiritual health by offering a healthy bite of pure thoughts and and exercise to increase soul power and concentration.

Safety Amidst the Turbulence

This week’s topic is about feeling safe in turbulent times. The safety we’re exploring is the spiritual kind. On one level, it’s a feeling that comes when we experience our eternity, when we realize there truly are no endings…no endings to love, to life, to prosperity, etc…  But I have also noticed that when I …

Release Your Kindness

This week we’re exploring kindness.  I met a Buddhist monk once who said that we are here because of the kindness of others. If you give some thought to that, you’ll see it’s true.  It’s a building block for a beautiful world yet the quality itself is underrated and often seen as a weakness. Why …

Exploring the art of “being”

We can easily get lost in “doing” and forget that it’s the quality of our being that’s coloring each and every action.  For me, focusing on the being means that “how” I do things is more important than what I do. It means the intention of what I do is more important than the outcome.  …